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Why Choose Us? The StaffAE Advantage

We are aware that searching for a job can be time consuming and frustrating. Our Company can provide you with the right job and employment opportunities in various types of work environments, from contract employment to long-term careers.

StaffAE values each of our employees, full-time and part-time, and in many cases is able to provide an excellent benefits package. Heading the list of benefits is:

  • Competitive wages
  • Employee benefits such as medical, dental and vision
  • Workers compensation plans
  • Payroll processing
  • Paid holidays
  • Vacation accrual

The Company also offers online training, which is beneficial to employees. Training can improve skills, thus increasing employees' worth and earning potential.  

Why should I be a contract employee?

  • Contractors are exposed to many types of work environments in which they can build relationships and networks that can land them bigger, better and long-term careers
  • The exposure to various types of work environments and people allows for information exchange where both the contractor and the client can learn from each other
  • Contracting gives you exposure to a variety of companies before making a long-term commitment

What happens when there is a position available that I qualify for?

Proceed to the Search Careers page. Find the job posting for which you qualify, click Apply for job and submit your resume. If your information is already on file, we may contact you to see if you are interested and available for the job. If there is a match and you decide to pursue the opportunity, your status changes from an applicant to a candidate. Then, when you log back into our Web site, your applicant tab changes to a candidate tab where you will see all applicant items plus a discussions section. This is where we log all discussions between you and StaffAE about the position for which you qualify.

What happens when I accept a position?

Your status changes from a candidate to a StaffAE employee. When you log back into our Web site, your candidate tab changes to an employee tab where you will see all of the same items plus you will have online access to a wealth of information. This includes access to the Company’s employee handbook, online time sheets, medical, dental and other benefit information, among others.

How should I contact StaffAE?

Applicants and employees should contact us via email unless you have an urgent need to call. See our Contact page for complete contact information.

How long does StaffAE retain my resume?

Resumes are securely stored in our system for two years and we encourage all applicants to apply for all jobs in which he/she has a specific interest. You are responsible for maintaining your own resume and contact information, and it is to your advantage to keep this information up-to-date.

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